Every year, electronic music festivals across the United States grow bigger and grander than the year before. As the spring and summer seasons approach, the anticipation for epic celebrations like Ultra have EDM fans counting down the days to the big event. Perhaps the one festival that people look forward to the most is Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.


las vegas edc festival

Known for the casino glitz and glamour, Las Vegas was the perfect location for Insomniac to organize an over-the-top EDM party. The first Vegas installment took place on the June 24 weekend in 2011, which according to Las Vegas Weekly  marked the very beginning of the city’s music festival boom.

To give you better idea, please watch EDC Las Vegas Video covering very special moments since 2011.

Before Vegas became part of the Insomniac’s carnival extravaganza, the city had a hard time establishing itself as a festival destination as it reveled in the glory of casinos, but as time passed, gambling lost its appeal among Vegas visitors, and even residents. Although it wasn’t until last year that Las Vegas casinos truly started to feel the weight dwindling gambling revenues, the downfall of gaming profits started when the city saw a change in demographics.

No longer were the brick and mortar facilities seeing the vast numbers of baby boomers seated around the poker tables as online portals reported record profits in recent years. According to Calvin Ayre , one of the UK’s biggest gaming providers Gala Casino had a 56 percent increase in revenue during  2014, further proving the growing popularity of gambling websites. With that, a new generation of visitors starting popping up in Sin City, millennials that were looking for a diversified experience, providing new opportunities for casino operators to invest in music festivals that have helped Vegas transform into a world-renowned destination for sonic parties that it is today. And none of this would have been possible without the help of Insomniac’s expansion in this entertainment capital.

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