To travel or not to travel .. thats the question 🙂 But if you can do it for free, it stops being the big question mark. It is true that our financial concerns are shaping our travel plans or even dreams. But today I am going to introduce new ways to travel the world for free so that you can no longer limit your travel plans or dreams….

1-) WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

wwooff 1

In WWOOFing, you are given food and accommodation in any place of the world in exchange of 4-6 hours of work per day. And the places you will be working is one of a kind organic farms filled with natural beauties… In these farms you can stay 2 days to several months. All you have to do is to sign up to their webpage, pick a country and pick a farm that suits your interests…



Accommodation is one of the biggest costs when it comes to travel. You can easily cut down on this cost by taking care of someone’s home. TrustedHousesitters is great website where you can become a member and search if someone is looking for housesitters where you intend to go. Owner of the house usually requires you to do some small jobs like feed the cat, take care of the dog or keep an eye on the garden. If you do that, all the money you would spent on hotels will stay at your pocket  !



Second option to not paying for hotel is crashing on someone’s couch. Websites like Couchsurfing and GlobalFreeloaders bring travelers and local people and solves accommodation problem. Not only it allows you to cut down accommodation expenses, but also it gives opportunity for travel lovers to come together. You can also offer a couch for travelers while you are not traveling and meet amazing people. How to trust a complete stranger you ask? These websites have pretty solid feedback system in which you can follow up what your prospective guest or host have been doing and what kind of feedbacks they received from their past experiences.


car relocation

Who wouldn’t want to have a road trip and not spent money for car rental ? You may even get paid for reasonable money for further gas consumption… Thats the future of travel my friends ! Some rental or automobile companies make a deal with drivers to relocate the cars from one certain city to another. A good example for NorthAmerica is Autodriveaway and motorhome experts. For Europe, Spaceshiprentals or Autologistik are good options, too.



Many countries offer youth or adult programs to promote their cultural values. Fore example, Greece offering 18-26 year olds summer programs, if they are American descendant. Hungary , Armenia , China, Israel are organizing same kinds of programs.

If your country falls between Greater European Region, you can apply to youth projects trainings, cultural exchange programs. Salto-Youth is great search tool for this programs. Euromed also covers Middle East and North Africa Regions in Addition to Europe.

There are many,many more cultural programs for different countries. You just need to make a good research. Follow webpages of the embassies you want to visit, sign up to scholarship and conference newsletters such as Inomics.

This may sound unrealistic to you but I travelled to many far away countries with these programs. Trust me and do your research !



If you have one specific skill, ti can help you to fund your travels, too. Websites like Workaway , AdventureWork , HelpX is constantly hiring sports instructors, tourism professionals , activity leaders and many more. Only requirement is to know a skill well enough. For this jobs, travelers are paid for the hours they work but for specific professions like camp instructors, they are offered accommodation, too.


jet japan english teaching

Teaching English is great way to earn income or find a place to stay while you are traveling. Many different organizations offer diversified program for English speakers all around the world. If you are native English speaker, you are in luck ! Without any certificates or perquisites you can teach english and travel the world for free.

But if English is your second language, don’t worry you can still get benefited from this opportunity but it needs some work. First you need to get TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificated. To get that certificates, you should pay registration fee and attend online classes.

Once you get your certificate, you can start pick a spot on the map :=) (Just kidding)  You should research websites like CIEE Teach Abroad which offers one of the widespread choices for English Teachers from Asia, Europe to Latin America. There is one really good example in Japan which also offers teacher cultural programs.

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  1. These ideas are great, I’ve never thought of any of them before!
    Great tips and a great post!

  2. Thanks so much for writing this post, the ideas are great! I’ve also heard there are a few websites where you can work at hostels in exchange for free board and free food, which is perfect if you’re planning on travelling and working only 4-6 hours a day!

    Rashina XXX

  3. Love these tips! I have always wanted to teach English overseas somewhere like Japan!

  4. Absolutely love, love, love your photo with the gal hanging on the engine of the plane!! That is so ME! Wicked post, loved it, thanks! ktkickass xo

  5. Wow, amazing ideas! I was only thinking about teaching English in Japan the other week.

    Lennae xxx

  6. My aunt does pet sitting around the world and loves it! It means she gets to stay in really nice places and look after animals – which is the best of both worlds if you want a pet but also want to travel!!

  7. I absolutely love this! So inspiring and such great tips!
    Check out Pep&Prose
    Leah Funderburg
    Social Media Manager

  8. Great ideas! I’ve thought of a few of these more than once haha. Traveling can get quite expensive, but these are great ways to cut costs!


  9. That’s amazing!
    From your list, I’ve tried only couchsurfing Its good and sometimes dangerous for woman who travels alone.
    TrutedHousesitter would be another option I will choose when I travel next time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. These ideas are great.. Thanks so much for writing this post. Love these tips!

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