Last year, I prepared Guide to 2015 Music Festivals Posts and it was a big hit. Many people wrote me emails, share their feedbacks and ask to include more or their favorite festivals.

I was able to attend Sziget Music festival which was on my list of 2015 festivals. That was my first music festival experience and it was amazing. Which makes me want to explore different music festivals even more...

So here are information and line-ups for major music festivals in 2016 (based on your feedback) for the ones who still couldn’t decide which festival to attend... me included :)

BONNAROO , 9-12 June 2016


Last year, one of my reader suggested this festival. Since then I have been wondering and researching of course. Fans seem to like it due to relatively low price, never disappointing line-up, amazing food and nature and mostly fun-filled festival area (The Farm as they say).  Art Cars, The Fountain, The Arch, Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Barn, Red Bull Music Academy Bass and many many more activities promise to fill your days with fun ! If it wasn't so good, it wouldn't be running for 15 years, right?

Bonnaro tickets price starts from 345 dollars.

Venue: Tennessee - USA


Some say Worlds Best, some say Worlds Biggest , some say Oldest ... Well all of them are kind of true.  Tickets are sold out even before line-up is announced ! People who have been to Glastonbury says "Don't even bother to go anywhere else ! " Im not one of the few people who managed to find tickets, but if you do don't forget to take a lot of cash with you since it is one of the most expensive festivals in the world as well. One more World Record :)

Tickets are 228 pound if you can find :)

Venue: Glastonbury, Somerset - England

SZIGET FESTIVAL , 10-17 August 2016


Sziget Festival is tested and approved by me :) Sziget is a little island on danube river in the middle of Budapest. So you are very close to the city but at the same time able to enjoy amazing nature. It is full with activities and different stages which speaks to all different tastes in music.

In 2016, Muse * David Guetta * The Last Shadow Puppets * The Lumineers officially will be at Sziget and the final list will be announced very soon.  Ticket prices are 215 euros for 5 day pass and  249 for 7 days pass right now.

Venue: Budapest - Hungary


BELGIUM 22-14 July 2016

tomorrowland 2016 line up
tomorrowland 2016 line up

This is another legend but I forgot to write about it somehow last year. They organize Tomorrowland in 3 different locations, Belgium, Brazil and USA. But the original event first organized in Belgium, small place called Boom. But for 2016, tickets for Belgium even is sold out ! For Brazil, you still have a chance and tickets start from 419 dollars.

On the contrary to other festivals, this place offers world class gourmet food ! This festival has fireworks synced with beats of the music... helicopters drops flowers onto dancing crowd.... louder, bigger, crazier....

Venue: Boom - Belgium and Parque Maeda Itu - Brazil

BURNING MAN, August 28 – September 5 2016

burning man 2016
burning man 2016

This crazy expensive event is probably has the most unique concept and unique characters. Imagine a place where you can be your own version of cartoon character and everybody else is the same !  And In the end you get to burn coolest wooden man sculptures with your new cartoon character friends.

Anyway, If you but tickets pre-sale tickets are around 990 and 1200 dollars  ( I know ! ) and in the sale you have chance to buy them for 390 dollars if you are very lucky ! But there is a science to it so please visit their website :)

Venue: Black Rock Desert of Nevada - USA