Like every year, 2015 had ups and downs. But for me 2015 has been life changing because finally I learned to turn this "ups and downs" into valuable life lessons. This made me see life from whole different angle. I thought It would be great to share them with you, so here it goes...


travel happiness
travel happiness

In 2015, I was faced with very difficult situations. I didn't know how to deal with it and felt huge panic and depression. So I decided to pack my bags and just go anywhere. I drove my car for for couple of hours just went to very simple hotel by myself. When I woke up in very different surroundings, all of my problems didn't seem so bad !

This is a scientifically proven fact ! Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University asserts that ""One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation". So when you are at the same place , doing the same thing for a long time and adapted to everything, happiness is likely to run away from you !

So for the sake of happiness, go somewhere and see something new.


Practicing deep breathing for 10 minutes everyday transforms you inside and out ! It improves the nervous system, strengthen the lungs, assists in weight control, increases digestion, increases muscles (yes!) and releases tensions and toxins.

It is very easy and simple thing  but at the same time it requires lots of patience. When I decided that I would practice 10 minutes of deep breathing no matter what, my attempts were very unsuccessful. For first week, I fell into sleep every time I tried to do it. When I beat sleeping, extreme yawning period started. But after I beat yawning too, I started to feel like new person !

I felt like I have full control of my body and my life ! My weightloss process quickened, my insulin intolerance decreased and most importantly It helped my to put all negative thoughts far far away.


I have been meaning to start a travel blog, start my dream journey and own my own business as long as I could remember ! This is a joke to me! I regret all the time I spent postponing my dreams. Right now when I look into past, I realize that I put others expectations of me behind my own. I was thinking when I make others (my family, my friends, my boyfriend etc) happy, I would be happy. But in the end, everyone ended up being unhappy because happiness is a light you reflect !

Luckily this year I put all that logic behind me and started working on my dreams ! Now I just try to make myself happy and do not fear failure like I used to.

What really helped me is following some youtube channels like; Alex Ikonn . He usually covers topics like "How to beat procrastination" , "How to get over your Fears" and he introduces some useful techniques !


View of creative office space
View of creative office space

This year, looking into my life I realized that I need some serious decluttering ! In my wardrobe, in my computer and in my life of course. I had things in my closet I never touched for 5 years, endless lists of bookmarked pages to read in my computer and friendships-relationships that doesn't make me happy anymore.

I asked myself why I do I put up with it ! Old clothes only cover space in my closet.  "Read Later" list in my computer only causing me to miss opportunities because the list is so long that I never bring myself to read them. And finally toxic relationships-friendships only making my unhappy.

So I go through everything in my life and from my computer to clothes and seriously I feel so much more happy and focused!


I am big advocate of living right here and right now. But when you don't have long term plans, ugly truth is you will just "eat, sleep and die". Let me give you an example from my life.  I always wanted to masters degree. But I never thought about when do I want to begin, in which university and also couldn't decide about the field... So it was like playing " blind man's buff". I didn't know the admission dates since my data range is too big (every university, maybe MBA - maybe marketing) Even though I come across with something I might want, I didn't have TOEFL or GMAT scores.  So I wasted 3 years of my life playing " blind man's buff" and couldn't get masters degree.

It is very important to take time to decide what you want in your life and have a masterplan in your mind about how to do it.