Goan cuisine is fusion of Indian and Portuguese food. 450 years of Portuguese rule effected Goan Cuisine to a great degree. Portuguese people introduced pork,potatoes, tomatoes, cashew, pineapples, guavas and chilies to Goan people which changed food scene for good.

thali goa
thali goa

Now food of Goa is mix of seafood, vegetables, rice, coconut, tropic fruits and spices of course :) The thing I liked the most about food of Goa is that taste of spices is not too overwhelming.

Famous Goan foods are, Goan Fish Curry Rice, Pork Vindaloo, Beef Rolls, Fish Curry Rice, Beef Curry, Garlic Prawn, famous Goan style drink Feni and Goan desert Bebinca.


Where to eat in Goa 

There are tons of good restaurants in Goa since it is the most touristic place in India. You can find many restaurants that serve different cousins as well famous and delicious Goan cuisine. Best thing you can do in Goa (as well as whole India) is to look at times food guide and catch up latest and trendiest Goa restaurants. In their website you can also find restaurant deals in Goa.

A Day With Goan Food 

In Goa, It is best to start your day with famous Indian pancake Dosa which is made from rice batter and black lentils. It is super crispy and delicious.

Then continue famous Goa food adventure with beach eatings. In nearly every beach shack you can taste yummy, fresh and delicious seafood. They are also very cheap when compared to seafood you can taste in anywhere in Europe. In my Opinion best beach shack you can order seafood is Lilliput Beach Shack in Anjune Beach. This beach shack is very famous among young people where you can enjoy sea, sun and unlimited party.


After you tasted great seafood and enjoyed beautiful sea of Goa, you should definitely cool down with a Feni liquor. There are two tastes; coconut and cashew. Both of them are equally beautiful and exclusively produced in Goa.

After a day long sea adventure, if you are looking for nice place to eat I advise you to go Chef Soumyen’s Kitchen. Chef of the restaurant is former worker at world famous Taj Mahal Hotel. I had the most amazing Garlic Prawn in this restaurant. And what is so sweet is Chef Soumyen comes and asks every table if they are enjoyed the experience

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All in all, Goa will not fail to please your stomach whether you like Indian cuisine or not. And if you are seafood lover, this is practically heaven for you  Just make sure to swim a lot to burn the calories you get from all that delicious food.

P.S. If you go to Goa during November, make sure to attend famous Goa Food Festival for the best experience.

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