“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting!”
— Christian dıor

Floral, fruity and spicy.. 

For me there was only these 3 types of perfumes and I liked the floral one especially with jasmines...  

But after visiting Grasse France, all my ideas changed. I realized it is a way of creating personal aura and shouldn't be simplified as floral not floral like I did :)


After visiting two largest perfumeries Fragonard and Galimard and received hour long proper training each, I was convinced that I really needed to change my attitude. 

Here are the most important things i learned;



fragrance concantration guide.jpg

Before Grasse and my perfume training, I was seeing all these EDC, EDP or whatever but I never knew what it really was. Now I know that I should stay away from anything other than perfume... Because I don't like carrying a fragrance with me all day and freshen up. Honestly I forget about perfume and smell as soon as I step out of my home. 

Another thing I learned is fragrances stick to male skin much better; for example eau de perfume on male skin creates same effect of perfume on female skin.



Here I learned that floral is not only a floral; there are subcategories and they are very different than each other. For example;  as natural instinct I like fresh cut flower smells and I thought it is altogether called "floral"  but the smell I really dont like, sweet spices for example, is considered floral note as well. 

But more important thing is how these notes are combined with each other; which I will be explaining next..





Top Notes: When you apply perfume , top notes are first dominant fragrances you smell. But this is the smell that evaporates firstly, almost within 5 to 30 minutes depending on the fragrance type you use (Perfume, EDC ....)

Middle Notes: This notes fully develop on your skin 15-30 minutes after you apply the perfume. After that it is the dominant scent everyone is able to smell. And only this middle notes classify which fragrance family your perfume belongs to. 

Base Notes: These notes and only appear after the others have completely evaporated. Ultimately they are used to provide longer fragrance smell.

Most importantly, only certain fragrances can be used for for each note. Here is a good demonstration;

pyramide_parfum notes.gif



I found my perfect perfume at Fragonard.

If you read article until now, you know that I love floral fragrances :=)

When it comes to fresh-cut flower smell, I prefer jasmines over roses. But this time I wanted a perfume with rose heart note. Why ? recently I read an article that rose has highest vibrational frequency of all smells. I wanted to test this assumption and see what it brings to my life :) 

Saleswomen told me that It would be better for me if I go for fresh scents on top notes and suggested some perfumes.

But I fell in love with the first smell I tried... Belle de Nuit

belle de nuit fragonard.jpg

Top notes: mirabilis, ylang ylang, gardenia

Middle notes: violet, geranium, rose

Base notes: plum, woods, musks

I learned this perfume is introduced back in 2001 and it is their best seller ever since !  ( I'm so original :D)  Anyhooo I loved it !


For more Unique experience in Grasse France : Make Your Own Perfume


If I have a chance to visit Grasse one more time, this will be the experience I would be signing- up for ! 

You can have a professional "Nose" accompany you at "Studio des Fragrances" and a unique smell that suits you the best. On a small note, Noses are exclusively trained , talented scent experts that create perfume compositions for fragrance companies like Fragonard, Galimard etc which also compose perfume for big beauty & cosmetic brands. And there are only around 140 of them all around the world !

Workshop is around 53 euros per person and they also gift 100 ml Eau de Perfume you created. 

So in a way, it is a bargain as well. You can find more info here