All plans are made ! For 2016 New Years Eve, I am going to Milan - Capital of Italian Fashion. That can only mean one thing : Shop till you drop :) To tell you the truth, I am more excited about Vintage Shops because in vintage shops of Milan one can find unique and timeless pieces due to city's long history of being fashion capital. So I made some serious research. Below, you can see a shopping guide for the most valuable vintage shops in this town, where you can find a wide range of interesting accessories and clothes.

Madame Pauline– Cheap and Cool ($)

Right in the heart of Milan, this boutique has a definite French influence. The items it sells consist of a wide variety of gowns, handbags, jewelry and delightful accessories which all date back to the start of the 20th century. Madame Pauline, who looks for all the world as if she has just stepped out of the 1930's, is self-assured, sophisticated and totally fascinating.

Cavalli e Nastri – Milan's Finest ! ($$$)

This historical vintage boutique has not only changed its original location, but also opened 2 more branches. The main Cavalli e Nastri is a hidden gem on Milan's Via Berra. It carries not only top end clothing and accessories, but also a complete range of unique, old items from the mid 20th century. These have all been specially selected to take their place in this prestigious boutique. The wonderful atmosphere is tangible from the moment you set foot in the door and the attention to detail is exquisite.

Give and Take – A quaint vintage store where cheap gems can be found ($$)

If you are looking for famous vintage brands at very affordable prices this is the place to come. On the other hand, if you have a collection of vintage pieces that you longer want or need, then bring them along as they may just take them off your hands. They will have to be top quality, however, as Give and Take only stock their store with very special pieces.

Bivio Milano – Mix of Modern and old Pieces ($$)

Bivio Milano has a distinct hipster vibe and they have built their reputation on their philosophy of “Keep only what you love, bring only what you think will be loved by somebody else”. Both sexes can shop here for their favourite vintage items and there are some pieces amongst the collection that can only be described as bizarre. Next to the modern classics such as Jimmy Choo, Prada and Bottega Veneta, you will find less mainstream brands and items such as fake furs, big hoodies and some extraordinary leopard wedges from Steve Madden.

Humana Vintage - Heart of Vintage ($)

humana vintage milano.jpg

A vintage store in front of Park Solari where you can find a lot of cheap, but quality vintage clothes and other items, such as various jackets, Sergio Rossi boots, and  alike. The clothes as well as the shoes are almost all brand new. Here, you can also sell your old clothes to make money for the new stuff !