On my birthday I wanted to give myself a present. I wanted to try paragliding for so long but I didn’t have guts to do it. But on my birthday I said to myself “You have nothing to lose but your chains”

After I made up my mind, I did a small research on paragliding forum and paragliding videos on YouTube about where to do paragliding in Turkey. As a result of my research, I decided to try paragliding fort he first time in Kaş, Antalya due to its lowness compered to other destinations. In addition, having a holiday at Kaş (which is Turkish Riviera) was very much appealing, too.

In Kaş, paragliding companies use 650 meters high field, which is piedmont of Mount Asas. 650 meters is pretty good height fort he first timers. As a result, total paragliding time is around 20- 25 minutes

Now, lets talk about my paragliding experience...

When I first arrived to 650 meters high jumping field my heart started to beat like crazy. Seeing all Kaş and Çukurbağ peninsula as tiny little pieces on the sphere shake my nerves.

When my excitement reached to its peak, My paragliding trainer calmed me down and explained me the basics. After short training, my trainer told me that I should run through cliff, I said to me myself maybe I couldn’t handle this. And I looked back to the car, which took me to the jumping field, and then I looked to the cliff... But i chose the cliff .

The soul loves freedom…

After paragliding equipment adjusted to my body, I believe last things i heard was “When a strong wind comes, we will start running.....Lets go.....” And then I started running.

Before I knew I we were flying. I really felt how it felt like to be as free as a bird at that moment. Anxiety covering all of my body 10 seconds ago just disappeared. Following 20 minutes, I just flied through the sky. I felt like I released all the stress in my body and became one with nature.

As a very curious person, I constantly leaned and tried to take photos of everything. But this curiosity resulted in nausea since I already have sensitive stomach. If you have this kind of problem, I advice you to take some medicines 30 minutes prior to paragliding. Luckily my sickness didn’t last too long.

Landing was as easy as flying. Only thing you have to do is to start walking when your trainer asks you. But after you landed you may feel as if you are still flying for another 1 hour

This experience will isolate you all stress and complications of life and fill you up with life energy again. I strongly advice to every single reader...

P.S There are lots of paragliding courses, paragliding sites in Turkey. But the most famous ones are Kaş Paragliding and paragliding babadag mountain turkey. And prices change between 170 to 200 TL. (2013)