During my 1 year Paris adventure, I moved to 4 houses in different districts and tried couple of Airbnbs. Each experience thought me a lot about different neighborhoods and I ended up with long long list of Airbnb houses on bookmark :) So I decided to share my take on neighborhoods and my list of stunning expensive and affordable houses.

So here it goes...

Area Around Eiffel Tower

Why this neighborhood is best you ?

Well, nothing beats seeing Eiffel Tower from yıur window. Especially at night when Eiffel Tower sparkles for a minute or so on the hour. And mostly apartments around this area constructed in Hausman architecture which very very Parisian and chic.

Why it might suck?

Of course it is more expensive...And everything around it (restaurants, cafes etc.) are expensive and indeed very touristy. At night, streets are not buzzing with crowds, it is rather residential, rich family neighborhood.

Overall Verdict

I would pick it if it is my first visit to Paris in order to breathe in the magic and of course if I have extra budget.

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The Cheapest and The Prettiest

Lovely nest at the bottom at the Eiffel Tower - 133 Euro per night


This beautiful apartment of 25m² located in height, very quiet in the heart of Paris 7th with view on the Eiffel Tower. Although it is small, it is ideal for two people.

Studio with Eiffel Tower View - 180 Euro


This 25m² studio is located at 7th floor, but there is an elevator in the building. It is located just next to the  metro station and the view will blow your mind...


Stay in a Private Room Next to Eiffel Tower - 200 Euro


Amazing view right? Only downside is, this is only a private room within a house, but the owner Florence is voted to be a super host and received amazing reviews. So it can be good to have a Parisian friend in addition to the room :)

Sky Penthouse with Eiffel Tower View - 180 Euro 


This penthouse flat overs looking Paris, has full view of Eiffel Tower and a unique 16m2 terrace. Although it is not very very close to Eiffel Tower, you have the full view, and plus this neighborhood is more lively in terms of restaurants, bars, shops.

Expensive and Dreamy

Panoramic view Eiffel tower & River - 500 Euro 


Although 500 euro price tag might scare you at first, you have to think that in this house easily 5 people can stay. So per person, the price will be 100 euro. And the View...  This airbnb apartment is located by the River Seine and has direct view of the Eiffel Tower.

Huge Airbnb Apartment with Terrace and Eiffel Tower View - 750 Euro


This again very big apartment can accommodate 6 people easily, so again if you are a big group it can be perfect. Only the terrace of the apartment is 130 m2, so you can imagine how big the place is. Many rooms including master bedroom has full view of Eiffel Tower. All in all, if you are a big group i think this Airbnb can be fantastic for you.