In Paris, wherever you point your camera, there is a story. It's almost like entire city has a automatic filter but somehow some places stand out the most a be the start of the show , that is Paris. Here are my favorite photo spots in Paris...

View of Eifel Tower from Trocadéro


Of course, this is a timeless classic. If you want to take epic shots of Eifel Tower, this is certainly where you should head first. Especially if it is your first time in Paris. But since it is a epic photo spot for world's most famous monument, it is always packed with people ! I advise you to go there in early morning to avoid crowds but also catch beautiful sunlight playing with Eifel Tower.

The clock at Musée D’orsay


This very photogenic clock is located at impressionists section of the Musée D’orsay. Here if there is a good sunlight you can spot good views of  Seine River and also Sacre Coeur at distance ! But when the weather is not so nice your best bet would be stand back and go for black and white shot.   This clock is also turning into another tourist attraction, so there is always a line in front of the clock ! So to have longer time to shot be there at the opening or closing time of the museum (09:30-18:00)

Petite Palais


This hidden gem is often overlooked. It has a beautiful collection, an epic garden and good views of the Big Wheel. Plus entrance to Petit Palais is free. So if you are on a tight budget it is fantastic option. It is not widely known by the tourists so it is not very crowded.

Palais Royal

Source: Buzzfeed

Palais Royal is architectural gem but it is inner courtyard that gets the most of the attention. Iconic black and white columns often appear in everybody's instagram feed every once in a while. Also the middle passage way is good spot to take photos. Crowd level is medium. But you wouldn't want other people in your shot if you want good depth photo. So it is best to go there in early morning.

The Alexandre III Bridge

Source: Travelzoo

The Alexandre III Bridge is one of the most photogenic bridges of the Paris. It was built for Exposition Universelle of 1900. From the bridge you can shot a amazing view of Grand Palais, Petit Palais as well as the Eiffel Tower and over the Seine. Another plus is you can take reflection shots of this gem on a day with clear sky. Four winged horses around the bridge makes the reflection even more beautiful. Although it is very popular spot for taking pictures, you can easily avoid crowds from your photoshoot, so it is ok to visit it anytime of the day.

Sacre Coeur from Stairs


Sacre Coeur shines like a star at the top of Montmartre. Byzantium architecture and its color adds to beauty of the Paris. Wherever you take photo of this amazing monument it will look beautiful. But my personal favorite is taking picture of this beauty from the stairs near Funiculaire.  Since it is once of the most epic places in Paris, it is always, always packed with crowds. I advice to go there in early early morning.

Cour Carrée du Louvre

Source: Jacques Szymanski

I love photos with a natural frame, as you can realize :) So instead of taking classic Louvre shot in which everyone pretends to hold top of the pyramid, you can shot Louvre from the carrier gate. Your only option to take good photos would be going there very early, as the museum is famous with its hour long queues.