When you are traveling, your skin loses lots of moisture especially when you are traveling with plane. So applying lots of moisturizer of your choice to your skin is crucial. Also I saw some people applying very thin layer of moisture mask during long distance flights and I have to admit it is brilliant idea. Also don’t forget to moisture your lips with lip balm because lips shows lack of moisture the most.

2-) SPF

I actually noticed that when I don’t wear sun protection that is water resistant, I look all red and tired on my travel photos. To avoid that look, make sure to wear sunscreen which will also give you long term anti aging benefits.


Lots of people think that when you travel it is best to wear long lasting makeup when you are travelling. It is totally wrong because when you travel you lose more moisture than usual and your long lasting lipstick wont look so posh with all dried up lips. Only exception to this rule is waterproof mascara. Additionally, make sure to wipe up your make up during long flights. It can seriously harm your skin.


I admit that wanting to have freshly blow dried beautiful hair is every girls dream but in reality it is so hard to keep up with because when you are travelling and constantly moving from one place to another your hair will lose that glossy look sooner or later. Instead if you go for more stable hairstyles like braids, ponytails or chic buns, you will not have to worry about how your hair looks. When I am travelling the thing that helps me the most is a dry shampoo. I hate greasy feeling on my hair and my hair gets half greasy feeling at every travel day due to constant running around. So small spray of dry shampoo can uplift you during that times.

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